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Digital Story -- The Photo/Audio story

(A challenge for this resource: Elder Story)

This is an example of a simple audio photo story. The text is purposely not included so that you can listen to the story while looking closely at the photograph. YWP Founder Geoffrey Gevalt did this story in a relatively short span of time. First, he wrote a short essay about his uncle, Frank Glazer. He read it aloud and then did some editing. Then he decided upon the most important part, read it aloud several times and then recorded it withOUT looking at the text. That way he was able to get a more natural sounding voice.

He then added the music track -- a snippet from a 1968 recording by Frank of a piece by Eric Satie --  using the free (and wonderful) audio editing software, Audacity.  Notice that the playing gives an added depth to the piece. He adjusted the volume so the music did not overwhelm the words.

FYI, since this story was created, it has been used as a model by hundreds and hundreds of students all over. When Frank learned about that, he was tickled. This piece was created in 2010 when the subject, Frank Glazer, was still alive. A world class classical pianist, Frank died Jan. 13, 2015, just a month shy of his 100th birthday when he intended to perform six concerts in four states. Click to read a tribute: A Sonata for Frank. And, if you'd like to hear a 2012 recorded and edited conversation with Frank and Dick Gordon, the host of the then-American Public Radio show, The Story, go here: Frank Have a listen, you'll pick up some hints on how to conduct good interviews.  

Photograph, used with permission, by Phyllis Graber Jensen of Bates College

If you are thinking of doing your own story and are looking for some good sources for copyright free music to set the mood behind your audio piece, here are a few:
Audio download: