Mar 09
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The Worst Nightmare Ever

It happened. The worst thing I could ever think of. The results came back. Social media is gone. There was a worldwide vote last night; should social media be shut down? I mean seriously, first trump and now this! What has the world come to. This day is officially worse than the time the whole school had a field trip in a snowstorm. I honestly just am done with the world. All my streaks, GONE! All my tweets, GONE! All my Instagram posts, GONE! I was sad when it was just vine but now EVERYTHING. I wish none of this was happening. Yesterday everything was just fine and I was on Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, and I fell asleep watching some YouTube. I woke up and turned my phone on, got on snapchat like I usually do, and on the screen it says we're sorry but snapchat is gone. I started freaking out. I then went to Instagram to check the posts and I see the same thing. I scream and go to Twitter to complain about it. I go on and guess what? IT SAYS THE SAME THING. I go to YouTube to watch a video about this, and of course the same thing. I started sweating and screaming until suddenly… BEEP BEEP BEEP. I've never been so happy to hear my alarm clock. 
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