Mar 20

The World is in Pain

Huddled in the bathroom,
Tears are warm,
you wonder why
you feel so cold inside.

Rub your tender eyelids,
fingers slipping across tear slicked lashes.
Why am I crying?

Cover your sobs,
not wanting them to know.
Yet at the same time, 
wishing and hoping that they could see
your pain.

But they do not understand,
and never will. 
They are stupid...

This is daily life,
you think,
feeling hollow on the tiles.
You peel your naked body off the floor,
stepping into cold water.

No one would know you were crying,
no one but you.
You gasp and choke miserably 
as cold water grips your back.

You cry harder, 
angry, confused, hatred consuming your whole being.

The wall is bloody now.
You punched it,
getting a satisfying crack in your knuckles.
I hate myself,
punch again, slap your own face,
slam the cold water into your stomach.

Tears mixing with water and blood,
all this pain and anguish, 
flooding down the drain,
lost to one day rain down again on your own head.

No one can see your pain but you.
No one tries to see.
They are all too busy hoping
that somebody else would see their's.
About the Author: Michmich