Mar 21
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Treetop to Treebottom

     Even as I pinched myself, I could feel my eyelids drooping. My eyes fluttered shut. They didn’t stay that way for long though, because just as I was nodding off, I felt myself falling out of the tree. In panic I barely caught a branch on my way down. I climbed back up the tree, and struggled to find a comfortable position. As I sat in that tree, peering into the distance, sunset approaching, a flash of light caught my eye. A car with its low-angled headlights was racing down the road. The pressure was on. I reached for the grappling hook in my belt, steadied my hand, and aimed at the road. A second car, stirring up dust, chased the first car down the road. Just as the car neared the open zone in the trees I fired the grappling hook. It hissed through the air until I heard metal meet metal. I was yanked out of the tree, following the grappling hook to the car’s tire. The wire caught on a tree, and the car was held fast. The car revved it’s engine and I was pulled into the front seat. The driver reached around cut the wire, and stuck me with a needle. I was dragged to the trunk, and thrown roughly in. Even as I pinched myself, I could feel my eyelids drooping. 
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