Apr 02
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The note

I was walking down from the store, with a two liter Dr Pepper and two bags of skittles. I kept walking until I saw this brick wall. This brick wall was about 6 ft tall, it was just one brick wall. Nothing to it. Like that brick wall was meant for me to see. I don't know why it caught my attention. Oh wait! There was loose brick that's what caught my attention. I walked up to the loose brick and tugged in it, as I tugged on it a piece of paper fell out. I picked up the piece of paper and looked at it, it was a picture of me walking down the street. I started to freak out and was looking around me.I dropped the note and, I bolted it, I was running, didn't even take a glance behind me. I ran in my house, locked the doors, shut the curtains, and ran into my room. I was hiding under the bed. I heard the door open. Creeek. I was thinking , I hope it's my parents I hope! I heard loud footsteps, the footsteps were getting louder and louder. Then the footsteps stop. I'm thinking is he or she or whatever it is gone? I slowly crawled out from under my bed and looked around the corner slowly to see if anyone was there. I get up and I slowly walk down the hall looking in all the rooms. Then I hear a note fall behind me, it was the note in the loose brick that was a picture of me, I turn around and there is a big shadow with a top hat on the only parts you could see were his white eyes with no pupils and his cheesy smile, with big white sharp teeth. The shadow was about 7 ft tall with claws that were like 5 ft long. I fell back in absolute terror, I start to scream and the black shadow lunges at me then…. I wake up in absolute fear I am breathing heavily and sweating and my dad rushes in the room, he ask me if I'm ok, I say yes very faintly. My dad says he will give me money to go to the store because he and mom have to leave to a grown up party, and it all started like that. I was walking down from the store, with a two liter Dr Pepper and two bags of skittles
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