Oct 28
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Dark Rider.

My mother always said if you saw your ghost you were dead. For the longest time, I did not believe her. One morning I looked out my window and I saw the gloomy figure staring at me; my mother’s words came back to me. If you saw your ghost you had best watch your steps. You should guard your person, because the ghost wants your soul for his collection. I don’t know why I was starting at the ghost. Then I heard my mother yelling at me. It started me so much that I looked over at my door. I saw nothing at my door, so I looked back to my window and my ghost was gone!
As I made my way down the stairs I watched my feet so I did not fall and give my soul to my ghost so soon. When I made it to the table, I told my mother that I had seen my ghost that morning. My mother flipped and said that I was not going to school that day. I asked her why and she said because there were a lot of germs at school.
Also there were kids who were really rough and they would not care if you died. “Sit down young man and don’t touch anything at all so you don’t lose a hand or a finger”. I did as she wished and sat down. When she said that it took me a minute to figure out where I was. When I figured out where I was  I was in the kitchen.  
When I sat down she came into the room with a big role of bubble wrap and some duct tape. “What is going on Mom? Why do you have bubble wrap and duct tape?”.
“I have it because I am trying to protect you from falling dead. Stand up boy and stick your arms apart”.
I stood up and spread my arms apart. As soon as I did that she was spreading the bubble wrap all over my legs and my hips. Oh boy, did she pull the bubble wrap tight. It hurt when I took a breath. Then she moved to my chest, my neck, and my arms.
While she wrapped my arms, I looked down and I saw myself and I could not see anything but bubble wrap and duct tape. My mother yanked my head up and started to wrap my head. While she was wrapping my head, I squirmed and squirmed. My mother accidentally covered my mouth and nose and she started to tape the bubble wrap to my head. I could tell that my oxygen was starting to run out. I tried to speak, but then I was falling and the last thing I saw was my ghost silently gazing at me. At the last second, my ghost held out his hand and I took it.