Apr 03
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Climate change

Something you have to understand is: everyday, humans are slowly speeding up the rate at which we destroy our planet, our world, our home. This is happening, because humans are never satisfied with what we have. We are constantly trying to make more, and have things quicker. This trait, is usually a great way to continue to grow, and advance our civilization. But right now, this gift, has turned to a fatal flaw. While we sit here, we throw plastic on the land, and pollute the air with chemicals. We spill oil into the water, and cut down forests, habitats, homes of the innocent and helpless animals that we are killing. We are ripping them from their homes, and we justify it by saying that we need the space to expand, to grow our big gray buildings, and our blocks of city streets. We need more. That is the common theme in everything that we do. We need more. 
When the fires burn, and the ice caps melt, we say we tried our best. We say that there is nothing we can do to stop it. We say this, while we know that we are lying. We know that we are withholding the truth. We lie because we don’t want to face the truth. We don’t want to cut back on the things we have grow dependent on. The things we have taken for granted for so long. Now it is time to let go, but as stubborn, closed minded, and determined humans, we fear change. The fear of change, the thing that was designed to keep us safe, is now killing us. It is slowly destroying our chances of ever being whole again. This is our chance, but we are too scared to take the risk, to jump. So we sit here, naive and oblivious of the lives that have been lost. The ones we will continue to lose, to hurricanes and tsunamis. To earthquakes and floods. We will cause more and more disasters to arise, until they wash us away, until we are nothing. 
So, to try to prevent what seems inevitable, we can stop being lazy, stop driving everywhere, stop throwing plastic into the oceans, stop leaking chemicals in the atmosphere. We just need to stop.