Apr 03
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Treasure Hunt

The Brick

There is a brick building and I see a brick that is loose. I pull it out and a note falls out. I pick it up and it is a map of the city. It leads to another building. I go there and find another loose brick. I pull it out and it says there is a hidden treasure somewhere in our city. There is another paper behind this one with another map, and this time it has coordinates. I look up the coordinates and it leads me to a dead end of a road. I start walking down this path I see and find a tree with a arrow pointing down another path. I follow it and I find other trees with arrows so I continue to follow them. It leads to a cliff over a beach. I take a path down and I see a very very old shovel behind a rock. I pick it up and it has a note in a bag.  It says, Dig at the end of the beach. I walk and I see a big spot where the sand had already been dug up. I re-dig it up and find a box that has gold and jewelry in it. It also has a note that says, You’re welcome, you have finished the treasure hunt.
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