Apr 13
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Sand Up

Never before in the history of the world have humans been closer to issuing their own destruction. The very earth the we live on, the very water we drink even the very air we breathe is in danger and our government seems totally unconcerned. Climate change threatens the very foundations of human civilization. It threatens to rip us out at the roots and we need bold action now. Congress seems unable to gaze through the clouds of corruptness that hang around capitol hill for a solution. Instead of looking of a solution they are still arguing over whether or not this issue actually exists. We need action now. We need to give a cry that will drive the clouds surrounding capitol hill. We need to sow the seeds of change and  grow them into solutions.
Our government needs to realize the magnitude of climate change and start combating it now. They need implement strong policy that subsidizes green solutions and taxes the conventional methods that currently make up the majority of our energy industry. Although not a final solution, a bill implementing this would be a huge step in the right direction. Unfortunately with the current political situation no bill close to imposing such a regulation will ever be implemented on a national level. That is not to say however that we cannot make a difference. Most controversial legislation is first implemented at a state level and then on a national scale. Currently in Vermont several renditions of a carbon tax have been introduced unfortunately none have made it into law. The call for national action must be made first at the state level. Then we can show our federal lawmakers that this is a issue affecting everyone. Then maybe they will pass legislation appropriate to the situation.