Apr 24
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Power of Voice

When my voice lifts tilts spins richochets off countless caverns I feel the reverb in stomach like human echolocation it finds me in the world utterly immersed in sheer vibration I shimmer and shiver without a doubt heart sung notes in my throat no longer held by the twin enfoldings set free from this box of voice to roam the streets at midnight to serenade the moon and take plunges in sacred waters no human being has ever seen when it reaches you wiping the sweat from your brow or suspended in mid air jumping from a cliff into crystal blue waters it will change your physiology literally making you a new being no words are spoken not ones that human ears would recognize only the language of womb heart beat and ululating lullabye a bridge to the dawn of creation when my voice reaches the tender waking edges of tomorrow sifting through sands of time for golden moments that last for eternity perhaps you will join in the chorus at least we'll know in harmony there is music in our lives there was always music maybe the notes sounded a bit discordant at time because we sat too close to the composition so notes appeared looming large as stone henge striking perfectly off pyramids we had to arc our minds glance from the periphery wait patiently for the resolve to lap away our senses like waves and now this music we share will never subside