May 01

Night drives when melodies weave into miles

Headlights skim the landscape,
showing off Night's shy, rolling figure.
The speakers drip with soft enthusiasm
and surround eager ears as Night settles down.

The velvety yellow on the road reflecting back into my eyes 
causes my eyelids to dance as they shut out the bright lines,
only wanting to see the black of Night.
Only wanting to see the music's colors
scrawled across the dashboard.

A sense of serenity blankets me and
my mind fills with melodies
as the miles tick by.

The darkness shivers 
as the bass shakes and bounces off the cold glass
The Night trembles
as the treble drowns into the leather seats.

The harmonies slow 
and the wheels accelerate.
Gnawing on the road,
spitting back rubber and lost lyrics.

The voices falter
The rhythms smooth into silence
and the movement slows to a stop.
I reach a familiar street and
find my way back home.