May 02
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Last Chance

This is your last chance, your last chance for glory, fame, and fortune. Your standing back stage waiting for them to call your name, your hands are sweaty and stomach is in knots, you’re filled with nerves. You have to wait, everyone says that you’re good at what you do. You don’t think so, but you’ve made it this far. The people say you’re good. Even if you don’t succeed you still have popularity. You get this feeling everytime, you know that once you get up on the stage your nerves disappear, but you can’t help it. You’ve learned to live with this feeling all your life, almost everything you do gives you this feeling.

A heat streaming from your heart and stomach, flowing down into your hands and remains in your fingertips for a few seconds. You feel the heat down your legs as well, like your hands, it’s in your feet. Coursing through your veins flowing to every part of your being. You need to learn to ignore it but, How? The feeling takes over everything, it lays dormant in your mind, slowly taking over your thoughts. You can’t feel anything else, or do anything, so you sit, you close your eyes, letting this unwanted feeling take over you.

They call your name, the heat intensifies, but you ignore it.You stand up walk through the curtains, you see the panel of judges looking at you with judgment filled eyes, waiting to see you preform. So, that’s what you do you perform like there’s no tomorrow. You move with deadly accuracy. Winding, weaving, and twisting your body. The heat that you once felt is gone and has been replaced with a new one, the one called confidence.
The crowd cheers for you and so do the judges, with the sweat dripping from your neck down to your back you take a bow. You did it, you think to yourself, you had one last chance and you took that chance and succeded.