May 04
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The Life of a Dream

This is Nicole Jasmin.
She likes her life, but it's pretty weird. 
Home days, she loves exploring her IPad Mini, Tornado, and running around for no particular reason.
School days, she stays out of side chat and hides in her own bubble space. 
She sometimes wonders, What if my two lives switched? What if my home self was the quiet one while my school self loved yelling and going crazy?

Well, guess it's about time we look at the two lives now, shall we?


After wishing a goodnight to her parents, Nicole Jasmin went to lounge in her room, a "little" longer past her bedtime (She actually will stay up a bit past midnight, on weekends). She thought to herself, Here comes another boring weekend of nothing, better enjoy it to make it a little more valuable. She decided to text her friend Morghan, who earned the nickname Momo. She texted her, "Hey, are you still awake?" She waited a little bit when she finally got a reply, "I'm going to bed, goodnight!" Nicole decided to text "Goodnight, my friend" to be nice. She then stared at her IPad mini, Tornado, and said "Nado, at least I can still hang with you, child." It was about 10:00 when Tornado suffered a crash. Nicole just shook her head. "Oh Tornado, can't you at least stay up another hour longer?" After Tornado was all done with the crashing session, Nicole finally reset herself and began doing crazy things with Tornado again. "I wonder if Sarina's awake." She said to herself. She went back to her IMessage and greeted Sarina. 


The Life of a Dream Part 2

Where'd we leave off? Ah yes!