May 05

And her.

I loved you.
You said you loved me too.
You were my frist and last thought of everyday,
and I was yours.

There was no one else
just you
and just me

I was ready to drop everything for you
you always put me first.
Ive cried in your arms and 
you told me you'd always be there.

You were my world and i thought i was yours
but all of that changed
when I got a text
from her..

you were my one and only
but i was only one of yours
you told me you wanted a life with me
but you said the same to her.

You left without a word 
but you left your memories behind,
putting the term "love" in a perspective of
lies, hurt, and betrayal.

I loved you.
You loved her.
you were my first and last thought everyday
i was nothing to you

there was no one else 
just you
and me
and her.