May 07

Ugly At Heart

Slurs are like fastballs.
You never expect them.
You’ll be walking,
And all of a sudden it feels like you’ve been hit in the gut with a bag of stones.
Something you never expect to be teased or harassed about,
Is what you look like,
Who you love,
Or what makes you happy.
Things that should only really matter to you.
Being put under a microscope for everyone to pull apart.
To use against you.
To be the salt in a fresh wound.

People are afraid of things that don’t fit their stereotypical view on the world.
Everything different,
Must be destroyed.
Smashed to bits.

Words slung left and right,
Until the receiver can no longer absorb all the hate.
Like a sponge that has absorbed as much water it could.

Until they are forced to release the hate to feel alive again.
To push someone until they no longer feel like living,
Is absurd.

To destroy someone that was born to be the outsider.
The oddball out.
The artist.
The creator.
The strongest person you’ll ever meet.

You must be truly ugly at heart.