May 09
wondering about rain's picture

The Storm

I want to be a storm.
Feel that roiling in the air
and electricity on my finger tips,
holding the balance.

Make me a goddess of the sky,
feel my fury strong and true,
I will reign down upon you.
Let loose the icy tendrils and feel
them reach down
to where I stand,
say screw it to logic and here I
In a field.

Waiting for that glorious 
laughter that shakes the world
to consume me.
That electric pop pop
connecting to ground 
from sky, through heart,
through me.

See that flash in the sky and run
for the cover of your
boxy hole in the cement jungle.
I echo deafeningly off your city streets
just to show, you can't hide
from natures roar.

Everything shrinks before a
storm. Only the trees daring to
stand tall and proud, bending
with the windy tirade singing 
their groaning song,
as if they summoned me.