May 10
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Now we kill the blues

Title- Now we kill the blues
Mama, The blues died
The wolf ani't howlin, anymore
The king is gone,
The waters are no longer muddy
Mama the blues are dead,
It’s the time of fakes voices,
Of sex,
Drugs and vulgar langue.
Its time of men spitten and cursing.
The subway is here,
It’s the 6 train.
Honey, ya can’t kill the blues
We are in Harlem, the palace of jazz and blues
The blues are immortal
Forever, the soul
In our blood and bones.
Honey, ya can’t kill the blues
The king is strong,
The wolf  is howlin every night,
the sky the color of his skin.
The blues can’t die
As the soul
Of black nation
The blood, foundation
Of Harlem.
The six train is late.