May 14
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The book of myths

 I sat on the soft fabrics of my sheets and blankets on my bed. The faint smells of tonight’s dinner of lasagna and garlic breadsticks baking wafted up to my second floor room. After a long day I finally had time to lay back and relax. In my calloused hands I held a cracked and worn down thick hardcover book. Bindings have been un-sewn and pages were falling out of the story. Words covered every surface as I began to read.
    The evil goddess Zirra shook the earth with her powerful hands and her anger burned like a thousand suns. Her soul mate had committed a crime that no one could pay back. Linus the god of chaos had committed adultery with the goddess of lava. Lara and Linus had run away together and left Zirra and her broken heart to herself.  Oh Linus, yes he had created chaos. Her rage bubbled over the top and she shook the world with all her might. Leaving a gaping hole through the thick and thin of the earth. Lara and Linus fell to the burning core of the planet and their body’s were never recovered. The king of the gods sent one of his henchmen to sew the world back together. The strong goddess of nature stitched the world back to its former shape piece by piece. 
I closed the book and a sudden shaking began and screams sounded outside. Things fell off my shelves and my dresser toppled over, my clothes were strewn all over making a colorful array on the floor. My bed wobbled and shook until it finally fell to the ground. A salty taste filled my mouth, I touched the inside of my cheek and a cherry red color was painted on my finger. The pain in my cheek burned, the hot temperature of my mouth boiled the wound. I had bit down on my cheek hard and now a cut had been formed. Then it all stopped. The ground stopped moving beneath my feet and everything was still. My mother ran in and yelled like she still had to talk over the grumbles of the ground, “Are you alright!” 
“Yes I’m alright, what just happened?”
“An earthquake, it was out of the blue,” she said as she started to pick up the clothes on my floor. Her phone rang, “it’s the hospital I have to take this”
After the quake many were injured and my mother was called into work. It was just me home to clean up the house. As I wondered my home I remembered the Book of myths I had abandoned on my broken bed after the earthquake.
The book was even more beat up now and it was beyond repair. The book dropped to the bottom of the trash can and was picked up by the garbage truck the next morning.