May 23

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Day 2 -- High School

VYP 2018 -- Cold Readings - First Round

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 1)

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 2)

Staged Readings
For MIDDLE SCHOOL VYP 2018 videos, go here: For texted responses to Middle School cold readings:

Welcome. These are the full videos of the two rounds of High School Cold Readings and the afternoon of Staged Readings at the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival.  Warning, some contain profanity.

Cold Readings - 1:  #1: St. Johnsbury Academy (Crave, Hannah Panda); #2: Twinfield Union High School (Not a Spaghetti Western, Liv Boucher); #3: Thetford Academy (A Geeks Problem, Jade Elias); $4: Hannaford Career Center,(Maple Drive, Mitchel Tierney); #5: Spaulding High School (Caveat Empire, Emma Riddle). Texted responses to plays, go here:

Cold Readings - 2: #1: Champlain Valley Union (Snack Cakes, Pete Skpasyk); #2: Rock Point School (Unknown, Josh Santora); #3: Middlebury Union High School, (Call Me After You Leave, Anna McIntosh); #4: Winooski High School (Untitled, Rehmah Alchaderchi); #5: Bellows Free Academy (Momicide, Julia Scott);  #6: Mt Abraham Union (The Game Changer, Patrick Marotulio) (NOTE: Flynn Space lost Internet during stream of Rock Point play; however, this presentation was recorded and will be added to the Vermont Young Playwrights YouTube Channel: where you can find all the videos.) Texted responses to plays, go here:

Staged Readings: Shayne Block, Mt. Abraham (Hey, Alexa); Maisie Newbury, YWP (We Need to Talk About Annabeth); Sophie Thompson, Bellows Free Academy (The Reduction); Eden Ginsburg, Addison Repertory Theatre (Memory); Lily Sullivan, St. Johnsbury Academy (Going Up); Leah Kaiski, Thetford Academy (Grandmother Stories); Caleb Blair, Twinfield Union (The New Yorker); Cory Kuttner, Rock Point School (Cat Play); Izzy Usle, Spaulding High School (Only What They Are Prepared to Behold); Amina Osman, Winooski High School (At the Water Pump); Elizabeth Chamberlain, Middlebury Union High School (Twist of Fate); and Kai Rainsborough, Champlain Valley Union High School (The Hero We Deserve). (In the next week we'll have separate videos for each of the Staged Performances: