May 23

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- High School Cold Readings Round 2

Responses to the Second Round of High School Plays --  #1: Champlain Valley Union (Snack Cakes, Pete Skpasyk); #2: Rock Point School (Unknown, Josh Santora); #3: Middlebury Union High School, (Call Me After You Leave, Anna McIntosh); #4: Winooski High School (Untitled, Rehmah Alchaderchi); #5: Bellows Free Academy (Momicide, Julia Scott);  #6: Mt Abraham Union (The Game Changer, Patrick Marotulio)
#6 wow, it was great, the way the characters yelling back and forth makes the play flow so well, the way it was written was done perfectly.
#6: fascinating interpretation of young adult relationships.
6. The shift between their anger to accepting the infidelity seemed kind of sudden, but I enjoyed their development as characters.
#6 Good comparison between sports and their relationship. Very creative!!
6- the dialogue was amazing and I loved the back and forth
#6, wow. the team bit was honestly genius
#6 This is the one soap opera I actually care about lol. So good!!!
#6 Well done play!!!
6 tying the sports game into it made it really interesting. Very unique
#6 love it!!!!
#5 So relatable! Captured different stereotypical, middle-aged mothers. That's probably how they'd react of that actually happened. WOOYAH
#5 the pta hierarchy added good tension
#5.  I think the swears worked. And I liked how we never saw  who killed her.
That dialogue was so sharp and flowed so well. I love how high energy it was!!
#5 love the character driven humor! The dialogue is paced a little odd id be interested in seeing a slightly faster paced version.
#5 Clue meets Dream Daddy Dating Simulator
#5. Loved it.  So funny.
#5 SO FUNNY!! You somehow managed to create characters that are similar, yet dynamic enough to create an awesome conflict
#5 IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! I loved every minute of it and it was such a great ending
5: I loved it and it flowed so well!
5: I want a sitcom about these ladies!!
#5.  Very funny.  Needed that after the last plays
#5 love the characters and the title, entertaining and very fun
#5 FANTASTIC Great work with different characters and dialog!
5 yay J!! I just love the creativity.
#4 I think that it would have been clearer if the play was longer to explore these conflicts
#4 you really delved into the characters in a way that I really enjoyed. I want to know how the husband continues his life after this.
#4 I really like the flow between the letter and flashback, back and forth
4: I think it's really cool and unique that you picked third person storytelling! It would be interesting to dive deeper into the conflict if you had more time :)
4: I think it's really cool and unique that you picked third person storytelling! It would be interesting to dive deeper into the conflict if you had more time :)
#4 Would be fun to do a sequel
#4 i need some tissues!! so good:) your writing is wonderful and emotional
#4 I think the play would flow more with moving actors, setting visual, etc. Bravo to you, beautiful play
4. The re-enactment of the letter painted a beautiful picture that I could imagine as a movie scene
#4. It was really good , but I think the reading of the letter was a little confusing, but if you have someone reading the letter and having the staging
#4 The conflict of the baby was interesting. I'd love to see that dilemma explored more
#4 a little all over the place but I like the unique style. I like thinking about this all happening in one week
#4 Their whole lives were explored in a short time, which was really compelling
4 very deep, but I feel as though the part about them getting married was a little unrealistic.
#3 this is a great story, however I think her simply dying overnight is a little unrealistic...maybe you could use something other than cancer?
#3 Excellent! The push-and-pull between parent and child was accurately written, and overall it was great
3: The time skip really works well for this piece.
3: Very realistic dialogue. The telemarketer was an unexpected but interesting character.
#3: lovely dissection of the father-daughter relationship. Thanks for sharing!
#3 Really nicely done, maybe allude to the father being sick or something like that? his death seems a little unexplained
#3 wow that was really real and put me deep into my feelings. great job!!!! the dialogue is phenomenal :)
#3 ouch... that was one hell of a phone call
#3 okay. So did the dad die after that conversation or was that all in her mind
3 Very deep, thank you.
#2 at first I was confused about unknowns character, I thought it was some all-knowing being just berating this guy, but was unknown wyatt's real feelings?
2: I loved it I took when the bartender said shots as more than just alcohol
#2 Hit topics most people avoid and don't talk about. Kudos to you
#2 An excellent example of ends versus means
I like that it examined different perspectives about afterlife
Politically and personally nuanced! Very cool!
#2. It was a beautiful piece, very powerful message, it was so engaging to listen to and it was an interesting plot twist in the end.
#2 I'm extremely moved that you were able to help me figure out my thoughts through your play. I love the tap into the different religions as well as the
#2 I love the concept and the moral! Very intense. I think that the pacing could use some work. Read through the script and see what parts repeat themselves
#2 I would like to see this as a full length play
#2 Very thought provoking! It's a play that asks questions without saying them, I love it!
#2 Wondering why it's named Unknown?
#2 I was a little unsure of the resolution of the wife's death, what actually happened to her? Clarification of how she died and what happened after migh
#2.  I'm happy that he didn't die.
2. Very powerful piece. Made me think a lot.
2 very interesting plot twist. At first I was thinking that the characters needed to be developed more, but then I realized the theme.
#2. I don't know how to process that. It's so hard hitting.
2: Excellent ending!
2- OOF very really!!! beautiful message
#1 Great play! Fun to watch, characters worked together really well. Ending was satisfying enough, but could be concluded in a fuller way
1 It was very original, but I wish that Ricky J could've been more developed.
#1 I love Rickey j's character they are so funny
#1 pete i love you
#1 ricky jay is a great character, especially the name
#1 i love IT. so funny, and i definitely can sense the inspiration from toddlers and tiaras. the ending and resolution seemed rushed, regardless great job!!!!
#1 I loved the humor! So funny!!!
#1.  Love it.
1. The dialogue worked seamlessly, and you nailed the "Toddlers and Tiaras" vibe!
1: It's a great, hilarious mix of Toddlers and Tiaras and Miss Congeniality. I loved it!
1-perfectly timed jokes perfect!