May 26

A Forgotten Voice

Sometimes I just want everyone to just shut up
They all just make excuses to make themselves feel better
To make sure they are better than you in every aspect.
 You keep quite cause its hard to fight back
And when you do, you seem to lose value
But you still try to speak up.

Eventually speaking up starts to become useless
Because people stop caring,
People stop listening.
Then you listen.
But that becomes painful.
You want to scream but your voice has been forgotten

I used to think that I would never lose my closest friends,
But now they seem to find new, better ones
And the worst part is
You have to fit into a certain group.
When you are an all-around person you seem to miss things that happen in the groups,
And those things start to push you away from the rest
You start to feel lost and forgotten

Sometimes I sit by myself and wonder if the answer would have been "yes",
I had been someone else

I don't complain,
I don't cry about it,
I'm not angry,
I don't care want people do
As long as they are happy, 
But pretty soon seeing,
Just doesn't suffice.

I am not a loner, I can say that
But my connections are breaking.
And remember that my voice is lost
So for once
Your gonna have to listen