May 27

realizations of forever

we’ll be on our own.

voices drifting with the wind
a thousand songs
and a thousand more.
the simple sadness
of the final notes
lingering on the breeze long after we’ve gone.

if we were ever meant to fly
our feet would not settle for the ground.

we've always longed for comfort.

we knew forever
only meant 'for a moment'

they told us the city never sleeps at night.
the sturdiness of its hands on ours
assuring our arrival back some day.

we’re only human.
lilacs in the spring didn’t ask
to slip away
so soon.
the way the world works
has always been a mysterious

memories whisper in our ears.

twiddling thumbs.
mind wandering
fleeting time.

set us free.
don't let me go so soon.

maybe we’re not ready.

you built us to be strong.
eternity never gets the chance to prosper.
our existence is an illusion of longing
and apsirations.

the stars sun never requested us
to mourn its passing as we do each night.

don’t learn from our broken words.
they reflect nothing
except the wall we’ve built to hide behind.

we’re afraid of honesty
being afraid is too slow for the rushing
of the workings of the world.

we’re more then we imagined.
the clocks never worked.
time isn't how we choose it.
it paces itself.
unlike us,
it understands. 

the dandelions
floating on the green sea
bigger then we ever could have been.
the pine trees
and the laughter
and the clouds
and the wonders
and the wishes.

there’s a reason we stopped in to say hello.
if we fall
we’ll all go together.

thank you for teaching us
how to say