Jun 04

Imagination Land

Hunched in the corner of his room
the hairy man stares at a grey wall
waiting for it to change shape
and reveal its true form to him.
thousands of books stack up to the ceiling
forming wobbly towers of stale information.
He doesn’t read any of them,
he only admires their elegant beauty,
the musty, paper smell,
the yellow, crinkled pages.
Sometimes he looks at the covers
and tries to imagine what the story might be like.
His imagination is probably better than the real thing,
for real stories always disappoint.
After several hours, the wall remains the same.
Growing tired of the boring show,
he decides to change up his routine
and actually read one of the books.
He tries to grab one at the bottom of the pile
attacking the tower’s foundation.
With an exasperated moan, it collapses
unleashing thick dust clouds, burying the man
under a thick layer of words.         
He tries to dig up to the surface
but his efforts only increase the gap
between imagination land and reality.
About the Author: platypiguy101
William Keeton