Jun 12
fiction 0 comments challenge: Key

The Key

I first realize I am alive when the hammer first comes down on me.  I look at myself through a mirror someone has put in front of me. I am glowing hot and the size of your hand.  The hammer comes down again pounding me into a flat square of metal. Then the person that was hammering me leaves.  I am left alone in the dark, cold room where the blacksmith does his work. It is a long night and in the morning I get bored.   Then some while later the blacksmith comes back down and works on other pieces of metal. Then he puts me in a box with other metal squares and seals the box.  It is dark for what seems like a lifetime, but then since I was only made yesterday it probably is. After what must be days there is a ripping noise. A finger of light streams down on us. Then blinding lights are above us as we slide out of the box.  Then rough fingers are on me taking me up and out of that dark box and laying us in rows on the counter. Then he leaves us and starts unpacking another box. He puts a little sticker on each of us, mine is pink it reads: 1/5 2. We wait there, in a room while in another room across from us a grinding sound starts.  It continues for a while stopping every few seconds. Then he brings a box of perfect keys shining in the box to another station. He wraps them in velvet and put them in another box. This time black, he puts them on a shelf and leaves them. Then he leaves the room. A long time later he comes back and walks toward us.  He fingers each slip of metal carefully. Then he picks a box and throws us all into it. We are moving into the other room I think, I can’t really see anything because someone is on top of me. I am taken out of the box first. He peels my sticker off and flips a switch on. Then he grinds me into a key shape against the wheel.  He puts me on a workbench, and moves onto the next key. After we are all done, he lasers me into the exact right shape. He then puts us in velvet in a black box. We wait for a long, long time. Then It's light again and I am taken out. I am put in someones hand. The hand is warm and sweaty. I live with the hand for the rest of my life.