Jun 13
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Bullying ( Final Exam For High school Redesign)

I had chosen to write a few poems, a paragraph and create a peice of artwork to show how bullying can effect different people. 

First Day Back To School

I sit in silence

Nervous and alone

Going to a place that is so far from home

The laughs are loud

But the stares are louder

The First Time

A push in the hall

Slammed into the stalls

It is a meaningless crime

To those that stand by

The Last Time

Bloody nose

The mean men with the proud strut  

The overused phrase

“You’re Just a Sl**”

Sadness and Hate

Things will get better

Just you wait

But waiting is hard

So I wrote my last letter

Thanks to the people

Who made made my life hell

So they could feel better
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