Jun 28
humor 0 comments challenge: Genie

The Cat

The cat was walking along with an itch.  It was so uncomfortable.  Right on its back.  The WORST place ever.  He was just trying to itch it.  He swears.  He rubbed his back against a post.  It was too smooth though and didn't really help.  Then he found the perfect lamp that had a design on it.  It was so perfect.  Almost to perfect,  The cat would have questioned it but he was too busy scratching his itch to question it.  Then out of nowhere a genie popped out POOF!  The cat was so startled it let one go as we could say.  Then it turned to the genie and in catel asked what he was doing here.  The genie responded in catel that the cat had three wishes and all the genie stuff blah blah blah.   The cat asked for the three things that came to him.  His first request was more food.  His second request was more belly rubs.  Then he thought and answered "Mrow meow muw mow morw mreow" 'Can you pick up the thing that happened when you came out?'  The genie did as was asked and left him alone.  

The end.