Jul 12
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We're all lost

We're all lost
in this darkness of horror
where light cannot find its way through 
and evil controls.

We're all lost
in this world of negativity
where the positive has been thrown away
like a kite, in the air.

We're all lost
in this new world of technology
where our consciousness is being absorbed day by day
taking reality from us
and bringing the copycat of it.

We're all lost
in the reality of social media
where our mind would go nuts
without them.

We're all lost
in this life of racism
where people just can't accept one another
but keep on and fighting
an endless battle.

We're all lost
in the hands of politics
where our voices don't seem to express
or even ring a bell in their head.
It's just pointless.

But I believe one day we will find our way out 
cause we humans have encountered bigger challenges than this.
We will rise as one
even though at the moment, we don't seem to be on the same page.