Aug 02
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Shooting Star

It as an average day at the satellite until Agent Collins heard a wish. Someone thinking that the satellite was a shooting star, it happens more often then you would think. Collins listened to a little boys voice.
"I wish that Mommy would get better," The child said
A message showed up on his computer and told Collins to obey the little boy's request. Collins looked at the boy's file that his boss had given him, his name was Lucas Maximoff he was 6, and his mom was dying of cancer. Agent Collins or Alyx Collins felt his heart clench this boys only family was going to die; his mother was his only family. Alyx decided to help the Maximoff family, so he studied and found a chemical compound that could cure anything. He set out to find the chemical compound, and when he saw it, he brought it to the little boy. He told Lucas that it would heal his mother and when he asked who Collins was he said that Collins was the one who heard Lucas wish on the star. The boy and Collins became good friends, and Collins always helped where he could.

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