Sep 01

Halfway Human

You might think different is good,
In reality you are wrong.
Different is what people call strange or ill people.

Me. Strange? No.
I'm what they call honestly interesting.
There are only so many of us in the world.
By us, I mean halfway humans.
A halfway human is a person who has many thoughts.

They often confide and live in there mind.
Always reliving memories.
Trying to find a place to thrive.
Like a dream world.
A silhouette of a person is very different from a shadow.

It is a small piece, a glimpse of a personality.
Shadows are what towers over them,

You fear shadows.

Countless times you may have thought
You could escape the glooming dark.

You run ever so quickly,
Racing past the glorious scenes day has given you.
As night draws closer
You’re surrounded.

Refreshing memories of a dancer,
So elegant in sapphire and gray, so whimsical.

A fiddle playing a tune that you just faintly remember.
Screams coming from a little girl, in the corner of the room.
She's in all black, heartbroken from some monster.

“Free as a bird” a crazy man says to you in tie and tux.
Hearing more noise drown out the fiddler.
A cheeping chickadee,
Perched himself on a small twig by a window pane
Now frantically choking in a vine.

“Goodbye” a small violet faced man says,
As he waddles off and collapses.
Disappearing into dust.

Leaving the ballroom,
Shadowing cabinets line the next room.
Filled with old curiosities.
A porcelain doll, a bag of teeth, a small dog.

All mysteries to you.

Forever feels like the distance of the hallway, until
A jolt of light comes pouring through the walls.
That girl you heard screaming was you.
That dancer was your passion,
The bird was the old man and your crazy family,

Suffocating you.
Trying to change you.
The cabinets were filled with your wonders in life.

Created all by your wondering soul and mind.
Just trying to fit in and like the same things as others.
Yet you're fighting because you're unique, special.
Halfway to being accepted by your peers.

Halfway human as they say.