Sep 01
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The Architect

The city stands on strong foundation
While your heart beats soft and slow
Hurricanes tear through your imagination
Skyscrapers lost to rain and snow
As the world takes back it's former station
Wonder only nature can know
Architects watch in fascination
Know there is no way to manufacture the world.

To create would be incredible
Yet your hands and voice work overtime
To make what is inconceivable
To bring what is empty to life
To say what you mean because it is meaningful
To let the world turn without passing you by
To know that you are capable
In your spirit, body and mind

And I could never be a builder
As I stand before you, the architect
Visions of ivory ballustrades
Swimming and glittering through your head
I stand in awe of your creativity
In unprecedented fear and fascination
Of what you can bring to life, make to be
Admiration and aspiration.

So fill me up with all you are feeling
Add me to some romantic skyline
Wide-open windows and high, vaulted ceilings
Anything that comes to mind
To be beautiful in your visage only
To be truly one-of-a-kind
Make of me whatever you see
And let me see you smile.

For I have held both of your hands
And I know that they are impossibly strong
I know your heart and I know your mind
I believe you can do no wrong
While you hold so much power
You were gentle when you held my heart
You gave me time, seconds, minutes, hours
When you knew I loved you from the start.

So let yourself play the disaster architect
Take on the project of the world
With all its wild twists and turns
That never quite seem to meet
Show me your unparalleled work
Pray that it will not fall back at your feet
Variant angles and razor-sharp corners
I only ask that you leave room for me. 
Because creators require inspiration
At times hard, but not impossible, to see.