Sep 02

Everything But You

My stomach is tight,
It’s hard to breathe...

I’m suffocating...

I drown in your pain,
your weight drags me down.
How can it be that your
sadness weighs more than
my joy?

Let me go!

You cling on tight,
like a siren drowning a sailor,
I watch as my beautiful world
ripples out of reach.

You’ve succeeded in taking me down
with you.

I’ve lost everything...

You look, not look
at me with those simple, darkened eyes
and tell me over and over,
“Don’t leave me, don’t abandon me,
you’re all that I have...”

I look at you and try to smile,
“If I could I would, but you know... I’ve lost
everything,” I say,

“Everything but you...”

About the Author: Michmich