Sep 12

Deep Thoughts

Millons of people do great things every day. 
Why are just a few recognized publicly?
Great people have been celebrated when they die,
But other people still die,
And they are still not recognized.
Other things are thought of as more important,
But why are we created equal if we still have priorities?
If nobody ever disagreed would there really be peace on earth?
Or would it just be a big mob of sameness.
If we should be individual when we are thought of as ridiculous because we aren't the same as everyone else?
Why does the sun rise each morning?
What is it's obligation and who told it to rise?
Why is yesterday considered recent when what's really recent is the things that happened five seconds ago?
What would happen if I talk like this all the time, 
With deep questions that led to deeper answers?
You wouldn't listen.