Sep 20
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yellow leaves sway gently in the wind.
dust is everywhere
scratchy and cold against my heart.
the cool and calm breeze pulls at my hair
and the dark pavement has reflection of my mind.
patchy and dead grass,
with gaps like my brothers teeth,
show the holw where they used to be.
The chasms they used to fill.

Once we promised each other our hearts,
everything that was mine was yours
and then the summer came
we drifted apat like lillies on a pond
 you tore my roots out and left a rugged abyss

my best friend
you said you would never hurt me
but you hept score
in a little book
all of my mistakes
brought back on me in a

i felt my heart break
i thought i could hold on to you
i thought i could mend the torn stitches
but you act as if im not here
so no longer do we promise
to each other
we barly even speak to each other

so the leaves are changing to yellow and maybe i
can change too
maybe i can dust of my heart again
just maybe