Sep 21
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After everyone dies they group together by who is most like themselves. There are writers and artists and musicians and actors and so many more places and groups to join. They live on the clouds in a place more beautiful than the world itself. They eat whatever they want and they no longer grow or age. Everyone looks the same as when and what age they died at. When people die they are no longer human they are something more than that. They have their human bodies but they are smarter, faster and have better qualities to better fit into the groups they picked. 

When people die they leave the earth and everyone they love behind, however they can watch the from the clouds and whisper through the wind to their loved ones. Dying is hard for those who are full of life and being able to watch from the clouds would help. Aferlife is just like life itself except without emotions. They feel a empty hole in their hearts but no real emotions, not sadness or happiness just emptiness for what they used to love. They only watch from the clouds for a few years to see what happens to loved ones but they can see themselves being replaced and slowly forgotten until eventually the emptiness grows and they move on. When the dead move on they forget about everything in their lives before. They forgot their family they forgoet about what sports and hobbies they loved.

It's like being born again they start new hobbies and become totally different. They switch groups find new homes on the clouds. They find new spouses and they learn to love. The dead that find new spouses can't bring life to another human so they know something is missing from their new family but they dont even know where babies come from. 

The dead sometimes don't move on and they just watch old loved ones replace them and wait for their loved ones however when a loved one dies they can find each other but often get teared apart by their new lives. If a loved one of a dead person who has the other already moved on and only thinks its another stranger which causes the loved one to move on and start over again. 

So in the end death is the greatest fear of everybody. Nobody wants to be replaced or forgotten so instead they are scared to die. There is no happy ending ot death it always ends in emptiness for everyone.
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