Sep 23

Ski Buddy

I joined alpine my freshman year of high school terrified.
I was one of two freshman on the team and
while nothing was done to ostracise me
I didn't feel like part of the group.
I loved it and almost envied you for your
open friendliness and how beatiful you are.
Everyone loved you, including me.

But nothing remarkable stood out until
fall of sophomore year.

We were both on the cross country team
but becuase of its huge size
we hadn't known eachother the previous year,
but that first day you ran up to me
with the biggest smile yelling "Liz!"
and gave me the biggest hug.

In that moment you made me feel like
the most important person in the world.
Our friendship grew from there and
so did my confidence.
We became ski buddies and after you left,
I made sure to greet each new skier
with as much enthusiasm as you geeted me with.

I love you.
Thank you for running up to me
that late August day.
Because of you, I went on
to lead in your same
open and friendly manner.