Sep 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Here


It had been a long time, but now he was here.
I had known he would be arriving soon,
I had heard whispers and such from the doctors.
Along with the slight burning and low buzzing of the machines,
The loss of hair,
Constant coughing,
And the blood that was appearing everywhere.
I knew it would be my time soon enough.
The worst part of this is leaving everyone I love,
Making them suffer.
They could probably fill a lake with the tears they have shed for me.
I don’t want their pity.
He is drawing closer now, observing my vitals.
It will all be over soon enough.
I ask him one thing, one last request;
“Make it quick.”
He must have heard me,
He ever so slightly nods,
And I close my eyes, preparing for the end.


this is insipred by the song 'cancer' by my chemical romance, i hope you like it! :)