Sep 28
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There she is

There she goes in the back of the pack. She has blonde hair that falls to just below her shoulders and has a face full of freckles. Her hair is blonde not bleach blonde but blonde with little curls that form around her ears when it gets humid out. Her hair is thick and frizzy. The freckles are all over her face and look like a dot to dot game. She has blue eyes with eyebrows that you can barely see because they are blonde. And her eyelashes are long and thin. Her shoulders are an average size. She walks with a smile and when there isn’t a smile on her face then something is wrong which is rarely.

    She wears her daily jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. Hair always in a ponytail. She wears a baggy t-shirt, uncomfortable with showing her body. All her friends and family around her think that her constant laughter and smiles are annoying and distracting. Yes they may be but it makes her feel better about who she is. So she keeps her head high and smiles. Smiles about the day. Smiles about something that someone might have said a few days ago. But she is always smiling.

    She runs cross country although she hates it and really just likes to run when she is mad or upset about something. But she sticks with it until the end and tries to enjoy it. In the winter she plays basketball which she enjoys the most. Although she might not be the greatest on her team she still tries and gets to play. When spring comes she is still playing basketball with her AAU team that she has been with for few years now and they are all like one big family.

    She sits in classes with her friends. And walks the halls between classes with them. She is never alone. But sometimes wonders if she is actually there friend or is just there for the answers to the math homework.  But she stills hangs out with her friends. She goes home at the end of the day and thinks about the day and what she can do better tomorrow. But she will still be that girl in the back of the pack that is always smiling.