Sep 28
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All About Me

She has brown wavy hair that is just below my shoulders. She has blue/green eyes. She is five feet three inches and fourteen years old. She turns fifteen on October eleventh. Her nickname is Livvy or Liv. Her favorite color is light blue. She likes light colors rather than dark ones.

She's kinda shy at first but once she gets to know you she's more outgoing. She can be determined to do things if it's something she's passionate about. She's a nice person towards most people but sometimes not toward the people she doesn't  like. She's also a pretty empathetic person. She also thinks that she's pretty mature for my age. She can be pretty lazy sometimes but when she needs to do something she does it.

Some of her hobbies are cooking, baking, shopping, sleeping, dance, listening to music, and playing with her dogs. Her moms name is Ann and her dads is Paul. She has two sisters and a brother. Her brother is twenty one is named Ellis. Her older sisters name is fern and she's nineteen. She has a twin named Maddie whos eleven just like her. She has two dogs. One is a Doberman mix and is named Dobby and one is a Golden Retriever and is named Tucker. Guess who she is….. Her name is Olivia Fredella.
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