YWP Newsletter 10. 01.18

This past weekend I found a new form of fall procrastination - pie baking. With only a few crises - lack of salt, dairy overage, crust confusion - and the resulting internet searches and grocery trips, I now have a small, asymmetrical pumpkin pie and a large, shallow tray of custard (a delicious accident). However, while getting into the fall spirit, and enjoying all the corresponding spicy, warm, and tangy smells, I somehow failed to realize that this Monday was the first of October - my first month as editor of this newsletter. A Monday Mind block, perhaps? Whatever the cause, I hope all my fellow writers, artists etc. will forgive the delay, and are enjoying their own fall festivities. 

As usual, the following is an intro to the YWP Newsletter for new readers. Feel free to skip ahead if you're a regular.

Welcome to the YWP Newsletter, curated and created by a team of Community Leaders, who, along with many others, Recommend work for Publication, Create Challenges, give feedback, and do some writing of our own! This Newsletter is a highlight of our favorite work from each week, creative, insightful, entertaining...we aim for variety to reflect and engage that of the many writers, artists, photographers and musicians of YWP. We, as the editors, hope to give these creators a wider audience, provide our busy members a taste of each week's pieces, and share some of the pieces we particularly loved with you. Please become a returning reader: Check out the other Newsletters, and share the link with others who may enjoy it. 

This issue features the creations of: Aidster, Amazingnutmeg12, CecyRavenclawFireheart, Dancer, Icestorm, laurenwwright, MTBcello88, Nightheart, Nora F, Rovva, and Ruber Soul.


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By Icestorm

you think you know
the color of the sun
until you sit down
to paint it.

you reach for the yellow,
yellow of sunflowers,
of a cliché crayon drawing you did,
a perfect lemon in the top right corner.

but your hand drifts then,
to sparks on the crest of a wave,
to that glimpse of melting iridescence
in a friends’ eye- white.

orange is the bottle you finally seize
to squeeze autumn leaves,
the setting sun over a lake,
onto your impatient palette.

but soon, all those colors
(plus a few more)
and spilled on the canvas
(plus your fingers).

you think you know
the color of the sun
until you realize
you don’t know colors at all.

who else can validate
that your ocean is truly blue,
that your sun is the gold
you’ve always been sure of?

after all,
everything is perception
and if you think too much about anything
it doesn’t exist at all.

so you sit down again
and this time
dip in your brush
and paint the sun

as a prism.

 ( Photo Credit: Rubber Soul )


Dear (Absent) Dad,

Guess what?

You missed it.

Time goes by so fast,
(you blink) 
and then it's gone.

You missed
the birthdays 
and the graduations
and the colleges
and the parent-teacher confrences
and the signatures
and the weddings
and the kids.

You missed it. 
Where are you now? 
Are you married?
Do you have kids? 
Where you there for them through it all?
I hope you were.
They don't deserve what I got.

We miss a lot of things in life. 

the (beat) of a hummingbird's wing,
whispered words,
a day of work,
glances in the dark. 
how the sun 
off of the waves
setting them on fire
even though they are wet. 

But (only) strangers miss 
each other's lives. 

(I guess we're strangers now.)

because you missed mine. 

Your (Non-Existent) Daughter 

( Photo Credit: Dancer )
By MTBcello88

Da red an oranj leefs,
dey fal onto da me!
i cetsh dem wit mah paws!
dey cowld an yummy, yeet!
maple pumpkin apple kaik,
turkey gravey pankaik lake,
cozy fire blanketz yeet!
apple cider doughnut kaik,
turducken cheeze an gravy lake,
cozy fire blanketz yeet!
Da red an oranj leefs, 
dey fal onto da me!
i cetsh dem wit mah paws!
dey cowld an yummy, yeet!

( Art Credit: Aidster )

As I was selecting work to highlight from this week's work, I noticed a multitude of responses to the Portrait Challenge. Each post was vividly unique, and it would be impossible for me to choose one to feature here. Here, instead, are some of the standout lines. Hope you enjoy!

( Photo Credit: lila woodward )
  "Spots on your face, but what's a moon,
       without stars? - Rovva

                                                                                                "The perfect moment is when I understand. If I don’t, I’ll quietly go up in flames." - CecyRavenclawFireheart                                           

"The freckles are all over her face and look like a dot to dot game." - Nora F                        

                                                    "The sun peaks over the trees, a sliver of lights peers through the window, enhancing a strand of caramel blonde" - laurenwwright

"......big brown eyes                                                                                                   "...some black nail polish desperately clinging to the very tips of my fingernails." - Rubber Soul
that follow you, judging you                                                                   
           but still respecting you." - Amazingnutmeg12