Oct 02

Love Yourself

I love self care,
and positivity,
and there is nothing more beautiful
than someone with newfound confidence,
as they take their first steps into the world
dripping with love for themselves
and respect for their environment.
I support them
and how they love and appreciate themselves,
because there have been numerous times
where I did not let myself think like that.

I love to uplift those who need it,
who lack the confidence
to wear that shirt they want
or to audition for that group
or to reach out for help.
I want to inspire others
and lighten their loads
because I've been there,
and I know how it aches.

the concept
of "You can only love others
after you've learned to love yourself"
is pure bullshit.

I have spent countless nights
in love with those in need of help,
who needed the slightest spark
to light a fire inside of their own stomach
so they could glow and burn
from the inside out.
I dedicate my time,
my words,
and my breaths,
to loving others
as a reminder
of how they should be treated.

I love others
so they know how they deserve to feel,
and there have been countless times
I looked at hollow shells of myself,
pale faced
and empty eyed,
and told myself I wasn't worth it.
I have stared down my own mannequin body
in mirrors and windows,
only for her to gaze hopelessly back at me,
I could see extinguished dreams,
crushed ideas,
and snuffed out aspirations,
and it chilled me to the bone.

I loved others
because they loved me too,
and they slowly built me back up
and reminded me
to love myself.
They didn't always stay,
but that's fine,
because I still learned
and I still grew,
and I still live.