Oct 05
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Weekly Writing Challenge 4- The Scene

The scene in front of her was almost perfect. Almost. Except there was something missing. Her best friend. She never would have thought that her friend would be missing out on this great reunion. The battle had finally finished, everybody was happy and celebrating. The only people who weren’t were the people who lost their loved ones and friends. She was part of them. Her friend died saving the entire world from total destruction. Yes her parents and siblings were alive and she was happy they were, but the person who stuck with her through elementary and almost all of high school was now dead. Nothing could change that. Though there is a slight possibility he survived. No matter what it was sad. She couldn’t celebrate with the others because she was on the verge of crying.

“Hey, honey. It’s alright,” her mother tries to reassure her. No it’s not, she says in her head, but she nods and hugs her mother. She didn’t want to but she started crying. She couldn’t help it but the sadness was just too much to contain. People were to busy celebrating to notice. That was okay with her. It would have been embarrassing if they stopped celebrating and started staring. Her father and siblings joined the hug and they all just sat there for a while. Trying to comfort one another. That ended as soon as a bright flash of light came and a shuttle looking object landed. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Hoping it wasn’t another attack. Why would it be though, they surrendered.

The shuttle looking thing opened and people started coming out of it. The people who supposedly died were coming out of that shuttle. The people who were sad were now happy, talking to the loved ones and friends they thought died. She waited, looking for her friend in the crowd. She spotted him and waved him over. They hugged and the first thing she said to him was

“Why hello. What took you so long?

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