Oct 05
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Goodmorning New World

I moved into town at the end of August.

I live with my grandparents,
so I know the place.

I’ve known this house my whole life;
      just never as my own.

Quite surprizingly,
I have friends.

It’s odd; seeing as I think am so different,
and yet
I am just the same
as every other teen on earth.

Oh well.

My stepdad ingrained in me I was
not special.

Guess it’s about time I realized he wasn’t just being cruel;
as I so often think of him to be,

but really

I’m just plain old nobody.

And I am okay with that.

I’ve not just friends-
I have a boyfriend,
which is even more a shock.

I’m cute he says, but I don’t believe him.

I’m new to this I’m sorry; 
I’d never dated before.

A girl asked me to homecoming- 

but then life all made sense again,
when it was reviled just to be a
on the new kid.

It’s odd here
for I never thought being 14 and a virgin was a detriment to who I am, or was,
but I have had at least five people offer, 
“to help fix that”
within a week.

Fix what, I ask?

The fact that I have not yet been kissed
& yet
my reputation in my old school was
a slut
a whore
a hoe
no morals
no boundries
nothing better to do.

Yes, please, fix that.

Why is it so easy for you to offer sex 
to anything that breathes 

but label one who accepts as a tramp, 
no matter how much they actually liked you-

and one who turns you down a prude?

Goodbye old town. 

Goodbye old friends- I do quite miss you.

Goodbye old foes:
   life has meaning other than being a bitch, 
you know.

Goodbye stepfather, 
you I am glad to leave.

Goodbye sister, 
though you refused to see me off- 
I do miss you so.

Goodbye little ones (three, two and zero)
you are my darlings.

And, of course, my dearest Mother.
I love you.

Hello, new place.

Hi new friends.

Hiya new boyfriend, you I know I like.

Goodmorning New World. 

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