Oct 08
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Let me Vent

Venting is important
It's like a natural filter of filthy phrases you engage to keep your civilized tongue when it seems like something you care about is falling apart
Let me vent
Don't limit my vocabulary choice
Let me shout it from the rooftops
Let me get it off my chest
But know that I don't mean anything hurtful
Don't try to control my vent
I'll just push harder
Don't try to lead my vent anywhere
I'll just rebel
Don't allow me to hurt you
Again, I don't mean anything I say when all I see is red and all I hear is gibberish
Don't let me get to you
I'm trying to get myself in order
Let me start and end on any note I want
Let me unleash a colorful stream of profanity that only you and I will hear and then forget
Let me cripple to the floor if I want to
Don't pick me up unless I say so
Let me hold myself physically
Becasue mentally I've lost my grip
Then, once all that's done, let me forgive
On my own terms of course
But I'll come around
I always do
And I'm here for you when you need to vent
I respect your boundaries
You respect mine
Okay, we've got that all sorted out
Now let's just take a moment
And vent.