Oct 11
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I know a guy who does everything right.  He goofs off in class, never studies at home, but will still score A+ on his math test.  No one can explain him.  The teachers are baffled.  He has always been this way, twice as lucky as we dreamed of ourself.  He does have a catch though, every step he takes turns into four leaf clovers.  He used to have to ride a skateboard around the halls at school and he would do professional tricks effortlessly.  He does aggrivate me though, I have landed in detention twice because his luck makes the teacher blame another for his mischief.
Recently, his parents bought him basketball shoes that are thousands of dollars but he does not turn them into clovers.  He joined the basketball team, and the players only have to pass it to him and he will make a shot from anywhere on the court.  He wants to be in the NBA.  He also golfs, and recently became the first person ever to get a round of only eagles even though he is only fourteen.
He seems normal though, he wakes up, eats, goes to school and comes home.  But he is always the first one done with a test, and scores perfectly.  He is the one who yesterday in our game I passed the ball to and he made a dozen full-court shots.  He is the one whom we simply call 'Lucky.'