Oct 15
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A Story for Pangea

      "A long, long time ago, when the stars shone much brighter than they do now; when the Dreaming World stood back to back with ours, hands clasped; and when the land was united and called itself one: 'Pangea'. That was when my dear; that was when the gods walked the earth.

"Their crowns of daisy chains scraped the sky, and their sweet humming could be heard from afar. And wherever they went, frowns turned to smiles, enemies became allies (perhaps even friends), and bloody battlefields were combed over with the shine of a thousand golden sunflowers. 

"But a murmuring had arisen in the creatures of Pangea. It began with the Oryx family. Who complained that the red wolves were greedy, and feasted off of too much of their flesh. So the gods went to consult with the Red Wolfpack, who said that the pampas foxes had stolen their meat in the nighttime. But the pampas foxes told the gods, whose ears were weary now, that this was because there was a shortage of bamboo rats. The bamboo rats said with beady eyes, that this was because the scarab beetles were scarce and hard to find. And the scarab beetles complained that this was because the humans had eaten all of their meat, without leaving a scrap of kindness.

"And before the gods knew it, the animals went to war, hissing and spitting, their claws shining through the gathering clouds of fur and blood. An Oryx kicked a red wolf; a red wolf bit a pampas fox, a pampas fox clawed at a bamboo rat, and a bamboo rat chewed on a scarab beetle. And all throughout, humans mercilessly slaughtered anyone and anything that fell into their grasp. 

"Some of the gods watched, and some held their heads in their hands, not daring to. But one stood up. The books and scrolls that told of her are gone now, buried and burned along with her name. But the story remains. She brought out her spear. Her lightning rod, and threw it into the sky above. The clouds lit up with a bolt of white light. Then the lightning came back to earth, and with a great big cracking sound, and leftover fizzles of light climbing like veins along the earth, the world split. 

"The animals could do nothing but stare in horror. Pangea had died, and with it went the gods, their light gone with the last bolt of electricity. 

"The pampas foxes split away, forgetting themselves in South America. The oryxes went thirsty in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. The red wolves drifted away and lost themselves in the marshes and prairies of North America. The bamboo rats followed their noses to Asia and munched on bamboo shoots that grew there in thickets. The scarab beetles crawled out into a sea of sand in Africa and never came back. And the humans: the animals seemed unable to shake them. They traveled everywhere, by foot, boat, carriage, train, car, bus, and airplane; with every invention they created, their reach spanned further. 

"And that my dear, is why Pangea is history." My mama put a log on the dwindling fire. I sipped my tea in contemplation. And then realization was like sparks in the dark, for I knew then why my name meant the past. 

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