Oct 21
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By The Fire

(Editor's Note: This is one of the winning submissions for Winter Tales and will be performed by Vermont Stage on Dec. 12. Find out more here!)

Winter is my favorite season.
I stay warm by the fire
With a cup of cocoa, and watch
The snowflakes fall gracefully, dancing
With the flames. 

Sometimes Nature holds her breath
And all is still; when I step outside, the silence
Is only broken by the crunch of snow 
Under my feet.

Other times, the winds howls as a lonely wolf
Lamenting the forlorn expression of the moon,
Tearing at braches, scouring houses with sharp 
Icy crystals, whipping across my face, 
Stinging my eyes, slashing ears and fingertips, 
As I hurry home to safety from the storm.

The best time of all is when 
The world pauses for a moment, though not
In anticipation, simply to ponder 
Its own existence.

Then sunbeams wave away the clouds
And shine upon the glittering gown 
Nature creates for our land.

Big, soft, fluffy snowflakes begin to fall,
The damper kind, better for making snowballs.
At first they're hesitant, as only a few 
Venture down to the ground, then
They rejoice in finding a peaceful world below,
And glide down to greet me all at once.

As the world outside is tucked in with 
A thick snowy blanket, I
Pull the covers to my chin,
Turn out the light, and
Watch the snowflakes dance on.
I fall asleep, and in my dreams
I'm still outside, dancing with them
Through the night until we
Stop to rest and watch the sunrise
Turn to day.

I wish every night was this way,
Beginning by the fire and
Ending with the snow,
A blending of the heat and
Freezing, icy cold.
These winter flames ignite my mind
And keep my heart warm,
Sending a tingling sensation through my toes
As they remember the warm hearth, the cold floor.

The best part is waking up
To a winter wonderland, and having the wonderful day
And the wonderful dream
All over again.