Oct 23
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Broken Things Can Shine

Lost on the way,
stuck in a lapse.
Lost all the symbols and signs.

Don't look down now,
dry your tear filled eyes.
Look up at the endless mystery
beyond the sky.

The vast night glows with dots.
Connect them, 
and they will guide.

Those lost on their road,
those who can't find home,
the skies will be your lifeline,
your friend,
your home away from home.

Those lost in themselves,
what do they do?
Those who can't tell 
a wrong from a right?

You should know,
it is not just the stars that
form patterns.
All broken things will twinkle at night.

The tears that stain your cheeks.
The chest that you hold so tight.

A broken heart,
that's been torn apart.
Connect the pieces,
they'll come to life.

The story you've lived,
things will become alright.
The past you've lived,
however so dim,
look at the future that's
embedded in the sky.

Skip across the galaxies,
one step a time.

Let the broken pieces build you together.
Let a broken heart free your mind.

Let it be known,
that the stars above are 
pieces of you that everyone likes.

The pieces of you that guide people home.
The pieces of you that help people smile.
It's your constellation,
engraved in your soul.
That's also been engraved in your soul,
that's also been engraved in the deep black sky.

Broken and beautiful, glowing in the dark.
Weave these pieces together, they will guide.

And fear not! 
Your heart will beat!
Just look up at the sky not at the road behind.

It's your constellation that'll find your way.
It's you who'll save you.
And in the end,
you'll know without doubt.
Its only dark so that broken things can shine