Oct 23
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A Letter from Mother Earth to the Citizens of this World

Oh dearest citizens
of my beautiful lands,
my sparkling waters,
my fresh, crisp air,
why have you done this to me?
Why, may I ask,
have you destroyed my lands?
Polluted my waters?
Released gases into my air?
Is it because
you weren’t satisfied with my beauty?
Are my mountains in the way?
Are my forests too close to your towns?
Oh, I’m sorry, poor citizens
for my magnificent realm.
I have failed you.
You have made the most
necessary changes to me,
and I applaud your resilience.
Truly, it’s awe inspiring.
I just hope that I’m inspired
by the desolate fields,
the gooey, black lakes,
and the air, from which no one can breathe.
That is truly a world
for which I cannot wait.