Oct 23


gun shots
tear drops
my heart stops
and with one pull of a trigger
so does a life.
and why?
thats what I want to know.
why would someone do this?
did they want to prove something?
do they want to stop something?
and why
would our country
just let them do this
slaughter innocent students
innocent teachers
innocent human beings
for what?
for who?
because if they are going to do something
it should be for us
for them
for the lives lost
the blood split
in our country
within our country
perhaps for our country
while children 
just being educated
are killed
while guns are accessible 
and allowed 
while the annihilation 
of helpless students
is not as big of a problem
to the government 
as we thought
while my fellow students
are scared for their lives
even though it is their right
not to be
while the government
sits back
as if they are watching TV
and let all happen
doing nothing but watching 
maybe even hoping
for the next school shooting
even though
there shouldn't have been any
in the first place