Oct 23
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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

The voices of US citizens, on the state of our country, are often negative and misunderstanding. America is the one of the only places in the world where you have freedom guaranteed. In our Constitution the first amendment our Founding Fathers made was the freedom of speech, religion, press, petition and peaceably assemble. This is something that people often take for granted and forget about. The United States gives its citizens the rights to do the things necessary to every day life. Nowadays America has changed a lot since fifty years ago. A big piece of todays world is electronic media. Media often can blow certain situations out of proportion. Media can influence peoples thoughts without them even knowing it. In circumstances where there are real issues people resort to what they see in the media which can result in false assumptions. Elections, sports games, court cases, and international opinions are all important things in today's world that are influenced by the media. Newspapers, magazines, social media, and television news are ways that occasionally people can get the wrong view on a matter. I am not in any way saying that media is bad, but sometimes it should be regulated and not relied on for essential news. Sure the US might need to tweak some certain aspects of the state of the country but, overall we are not in an awful position. I think that there are some parts of the governmental system are shaky. Some politicians are becoming slightly corrupt. They make decisions based on their own opinion without the well-being of the public in mind. We must keep our opinions and media usage in check. The US is one of the greatest places in the world and a wonderful place to live. America unleashes the individual ingenuity of every single citizen. Some think that we are in a time of loss, America is never lost we are just searching for our true potential that we can reach. We are enough, we can achieve greatness, we can do anything on this planet called Earth that we put our minds to. We must seize the true power of the entire population.  After all America is land of the free, home of the brave and we must never forget the amazing things she has gifted to us. We should be eternally grateful for the true sacrifices that were made to create this beautiful, united nation that we call HOME.
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